Dr. Erik Blasch


Respected international senior material leader and multimodal fusionist innovating design of systems using information processing, space-aware tracking, industrial avionics, and human factors designs as: 

(1) documented in 12 books, 62 patents, 61 tutorials, 164 journal, 600+ peer-reviewed, and 500+ conference papers; 

(2) recognized with 11 named awards, 50+ annual awards, and 21 medals; and 

(3) deployed techniques to two enterprise systems, with 8 licensed products, and 12 programs of record. 

Technical lead managing diverse teams of 10-50 people for over 26 years, influencing $3B in funding. 

Experienced engineer with a demonstrated history of working in government administration, military operations, academic settings, and industrial innovation. Known for developments and patents in "Level 5 information fusion" for human-machine teaming, "Multi-Attribute AI Scorecard Table (MAST)" to measure trust, evidential and information filtering tracking for "Pattern of Life" analysis, as well concepts in the books on image fusion, deep learning for synthetic aperture radar, blockchain, and data fusion systems. Other roles include military officer, academic professor, professional society president, and entrepreneur. 

Skilled in mathematical modeling, computer science, software development, systems engineering, and test/evaluation. 

Title:  TBA


Abstract:  TBA