Conference Venue and Accommodation

The conference has reserved a block of rooms at the "TUI MAGIC LIFE AFRICANA IMPERIALhotel 5*

the conference venue in the Resort of Yasmine Hammamet. 

Special rates are applied for ISNCC 2016 conference attendees.


    Single  Room              in All inclusive                                 140 TND / 63 Euros / 70 USD   per person and per night 

    Double Room             in All inclusive                                  110 TND / 49 Euros / 55 USD  per person and per night 

    Triple Room               in All inclusive                                  85 TND /  38 Euros / 43 USD  per person and per night

    Children From 0 to 1,99 :               in All inclusive              Free of charge
    Children from 2 to 11,99 :             in All inclusive              50 TND /  23 Euros / 25 USD  per child and per night


Please fill in the following online registration form to make your hotel reservation: Hotel Reservation Form

For any help, please contact directly the ISNCC Conference Reservation Supervisor:


Shuttle Reservation

We are going to provide private shuttles at your own time, from  “Tunis-Carthage International Airport”  to  "AFRICANA IMPERIAL Hotel" and from "AFRICANA IMPERIAL Hotel"  to  “Tunis-Carthage International Airport” 

Transfer Rate One Way with assistance at the Airport on arrival:    50 Euros or 60 USD

Please fill in the following online registration form to make your shuttle reservation: Shuttle Reservation Form

For any help, please contact directly the ISNCC Conference Reservation Supervisor:


Social Event


     to discover... 

About Hammamet

Hammamet is a small beach side town located on the northern peninsula of Cape Bon. It sits on the edge of the Gulf of Hammamet and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. Hammamet is best known for its wide sandy beaches and water sports, and the city was actually the first tourist attraction in Tunisia.

Hammamet is less than one hour from the capital Tunis and its Carthage International Airport and has become a favored touristic destination. The place has “everything”; other than its stunning beach and its good climate, it has a beautiful and charming Medina, hotels of all classes, good restaurants and many options for daytrips.

Proud of its heritage, museums and monuments are accessible and opened with pleasure to its guests and the Medina with its colorful shops overflowing with silver jewelry, pure wool blankets, copper and carpets bustle with activity under the towering walls of the Ribat. The medieval medina is tiny, but well kept, and it is apparent from the streets and the facades of the houses, that it is not the lower classes living here. The walls of the houses are white, sometimes with a touch of blue. Doors are often highly decorated, windows have intricate ironworks in pastel blue. Right in the middle, there is a mosque, small and nice. One corner is made up of an old kasbah, the opposite corner overlooks the graveyard and the sea.

All along the beach of Hammamet, modern hotels have been, and are still being built. They all come in the same fashion: Hotel with bar, restaurant and swimming pool. Hammamet is also a good base to day trips to other fascinating Tunisian destinations, such as the capital Tunis, the ruins of Carthage, kairawan, and exciting desert safaris to Sahara.

Yasmine Hammamet ( is a new tourism development, just six minutes from Hammamet and 45 minutes from Tunis-Carthage Airport and Monastir Airport. It is spaced across 278 hectares, along 4 kilometres of coastline. The resort has 44 hotels, with a total bed capacity of 19,000, 80% of which is in 4 and 5 star hotels and 2000 residential units with a total of 2000 beds in villas,apartments, holiday homes and time share accomodation.



Hotels and Alternatives

Since Yasmine Hammamet is a major tourist destination, there are many hotels. In high season (June-early September) prices go up, but fortunately there are seldom problems finding a hotel room. While high season prices are at least 30-40% above average for Tunisia at the same season, prices are very comfortable in the pleasant months right before and after it. Hammamet has all classes of hotels, even if there aren’t too many cheapies.

Restaurants and Alternatives

Yasmine Hammamet has a wide variety of restaurants, and many of them offer good food, charm, good service and reasonable prices at the same time. There are also many options along the main tourist streets for budget travelers, too. Pizzas appear to be the best the most popular option there.


All options, all over. ATMs, cash withdrawals in banks, currency change in banks and at hotels. Many shops, restaurants and hotels accept major credit cards.


Taxis are widely available in Yasmine Hammamet and they are quite cheap as well. In Yasmine Hammamet almost everything can be accessed by walking. Car rental is also available if you’d like to visit other destinations in Tunisia, such as Carthage, Kairawan, Sousse or Tunis.


Traveling to Hammamet is easiest by taking a flight to Tunis-Carthage International Airport. There are good bus and train connections to Hammamet from Tunis.

We are also going to provide shuttles between Tunis-Carthage International Airport and the hotel at Yasmine Hammamet. It is less than one hour drive.


Most of Middle-east, African and European capitals (Around 2h flight) are landed in Tunis-Carthage Int. Airport
Direct and Regular flights are operated by Tunis air, Air France, Delta airline, British airways, Lufthansa, Iberia, Alitalia, Swiss + and Charter flights (Euralair, transavia, Air Méditerrannée, air Europa, Corsair Fly).
No direct flights to Tunisia from USA, Canada, Australia and countries of eastern Asia. The best bet is a flight to Paris, Rome, Frankfort, Dubai or Doha.

 Visas are not required by nationals from:

Maghreb countries, EU Countries, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Norway, Bulgaria, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahrain, Barbados, Belize, Brunei, Chile, Croatia, Dominica, Fiji, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Hungary, Ivory Coast, Kiribati, Niger, Oman, Qatar, Romania, St. Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and Grenadines, San Marino, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Slovenia, Solomon Islands. South Africans can obtain a visa upon arrival.
Please check with your local Tunisian Embassy.

Authors should make their requests for the invitation letter from the General Co-Chair Dr. Tarek BEJAOUI (

In making their requests, authors are kindly asked to provide the following information:
- Paper ID / registration number
- Title of the paper
- Full (passport) name of the person to present/attend