Eng. Giancarlo Varacalli

Biography:  Giancarlo Varacalli. is the Head of Telecommunications and Navigation Dept. Agenzia Spaziale Italiana. 


Title: Recent trends in space communications towards global connectivity – an ASI perspective 

Abstract: Satellite networks are becoming an essential component of the worldwide connectivity for improving access to information, education, health, and other vital services. Innovative space-based technologies can offer increasingly economical connectivity for remote and underserved people and communities, including in the least-developed countries where most of the population remains offline. This entails supporting 5G and cloud connectivity as is reflected with the inclusion of non-terrestrial networks (NTN) in the technical specifications for 3GPP mobile broadband standards, and requires important efforts towards the integration of the current and planned GEO and NGSO networks with the existing terrestrial infrastructure. The keynote will address the main trends in satellite communications and related challenges toward a full global connectivity from a national Space Agency standpoint