Prof. ZhongLiang Deng

Affiliation: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Biography: ZhongLiang Deng, born in 1965, the fellow of the international Eurasian academy of sciences, professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. He dedicated to wireless positioning theory, technology research and engineering practice in more than 20 years. He has break through a series of international problems of high precision, wide coverage, indoor and outdoor seamless, low-cost positioning, which has opened up a new direction of high-precision positioning of wide area wireless network, and made important contributions to the research and application of Wireless positioning in China to the world's leading position. It has played a huge role in the core fields of major production safety assurance, major engineering construction in remote sea areas, and led the large-scale application of location services.

Title: 6G Communication and navigation integration development opportunities and challenges

Abstract: People spend 80% of their time indoors, and the demand for location-based services for smart society is exploding, such as public security, emergency rescue, care for the elderly and young, Internet of things, and military and national defense.  6G communication and navigation integration has become the most concerned hot spot in the current mobile Internet era and smart society  location services.  However, satellite, mobile base station, short-range wireless and other spatio-temporal information sensing methods all have certain limitations. How to realize wide-area high-precision position sensing and calculation has become a hot research topic in the world.  This report analyzes the development demand and the technical challenges facing 6G communication and navigation fusion.