Dr. Maria Guta

Affiliation: TIA - Strategic Programme Line 5G/6G

European Space Agency – ESTEC - The Netherlands

Biography: Maria Guta is Senior Telecommunication Systems Engineer in the Strategic Programme Line 5G/6G, of the Directorate of Telecommunications & Integrated Applications in the European Space Agency (ESA), https://artes.esa.int/space-5g-6g.

She prepares and implements initiatives for the development of 5G/6G satellite solutions; fostering the integration of satellite and terrestrial solutions for various verticals. Interfaces with external stakeholders – space and non-space organisations, national space agencies and EU to develop common understanding for the requirements for 5G/6G satellite networks. She has more than 20 years of experience in satcom field. In her previous positions, she was with Eutelsat in the Systems Studies Division and the Space Engineering SpA in the Telecom Programmes Division.

Title: From 5G to 6G: Space Connecting planet Earth for a Sustainable Future

Abstract: A new era of digitalisation and connectivity, between everything and everyone, has the potential to change the fundamentals of human existence: the way we interact, produce, live and work. New connectivity networks will be designed to be environmentally sustainable. The new and emerging applications and services enabled by seamless global connectivity offered by Non-Terrestrial /Satellite Networks will be pursued and commercialized to support the circular economy and climate actions. The potential contribution that 5G/6G satellite networks can make to sustainability spans across all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and, in particular to Zero Hunger (2), Good Health and Well-Being (3), Quality Education (4), Affordable and Clean Energy (7), Decent Work and Economic Growth (8), Reduced Inequalities (10), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Climate Action (13), Life on Land (15), among others. Space has an invaluable role to play in the 5G/6G ecosystem in support of a myriad of current and future use cases. 5G and 6G have a potential global economic impact which is staggering, with the satellite connectivity share very compelling. Satellites can extend coverage, enhance performance, and provide reliability and security to 5G/6G, helping to deliver its promise of global, ubiquitous connectivity. Main objective of the presentation is to highlight the main business and technological challenges and pin point the opportunities for NTN networks in the 5G/6G ecosystem and the prevailing verticals.