Dr. Mahmoud R. Sherif

Affiliation: du, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company

Head of Technology & IT Strategy

Technology & IT Strategy

Biography: The Head of the “IT & Technology Strategy” function dual reporting to both the Chief Information Technology Officer (CIO) & the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Responsible for developing the IT & Technology Strategy for all technology initiatives in support of organizational vision and strategic objectives. Responsible for the primary market research of available & upcoming technologies to ensure that the executive team and Company Board are able to understand implications of various choices in order to make informed decisions regarding the Infrastructure Organization.

A leading executive with more than 25 years of international experience in the strategy, design, development and implementation of next generation networks technologies and related infrastructure & IT as well as large-scale network transformation programs for major global telecommunications operators leading major projects and programs employing large numbers of client stakeholders and partner organizations

Received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the City University of New York, USA. From 1997 to 2008, worked in the Wireless Business Unit at Lucent Technologies (which became Alcatel-Lucent in 2007), in Whippany, New Jersey, USA. In 2008, moved to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to join the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Co. “du“. Held several positions including the head of the Mobile Network Planning and currently has the responsibility of being the Head of the IT & Technology Strategy.

Published several related papers in various Technical Journals as well as multiple international conferences. He has multiple contributions to the 3GPP and other Telecommunications standards. Also has multiple granted patents in the USA. In 2015, co-authored a book titled “Design, Deployment, and Performance of 4G-LTE Networks: A Practical Approach”.

Title: A Telecom Operator’s Perspective on How to enable the Next Generation 5G Use Cases

Abstract: Telecom Operators have been and are still investing heavily in the 5G Network Infrastructure. It is time now for the Telecom Operators to monetize these investments beyond just selling Giga Bytes and Minutes. The Talk explores the superposition of three major technology transformations happening at the same time; The 5G Access Network, The Cloud Computing, and the Artificial Intelligence. The co-existence of these three technologies is the driver of what we call the Next Generation Use Cases. To utilize such transformational Technologies, we explore three different models that Operators can adopt in monetizing the Next Generation Use Cases with specific examples of practical developed use cases.