Dr. Jianyuan Feng

Affiliation: APT Mobile Satcom Limited,

Director of Innovation Application Center, Innovation Center for Satellite Communication System, CNSA;

Senior member of CIC., China

Biography: Dr. Jianyuan Feng, graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications with a PhD in Information and Communication Engineering. He is senior member of CIC and director of Innovation Application Center, Innovation Center for Satellite Communication System, CNSA. As the main researcher, he has undertaken the 973 project "Cognitive Wireless Network: Fundamental Theory and Key Technology", 863 project "Research and Verification of Key Technology of 5G Wireless Network Cognition and Virtualization", and Development Strategy Research Project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, "Strategic Research on Radio Vortex and its Application in Future Broadband Communication", and "Strategic Research on the Development of China's Satellite Internet Constellation System". He has won the second prize of scientific and technological progress of the China Navigation Society.

Title: Satellite Internet from an operational perspective: heterogeneity and new vertical applications

Abstract: With the re-emergence of the satellite constellation wave, satellite Internet has become a hot topic in the communication industry. From technical implementation to system operation, satellite Internet needs to complete the transition from laboratory to commercial system in order to survive and grow sustainably. One of the important features of this transformation is heterogeneity, which enables satellite Internet systems to be more cost effective for users. In addition, high value-added applications in vertical industries with industry-specific features are also an important direction to improve the ARPU of satellite Internet systems in the context of the continuous reduction of communication tariffs.