Call For Papers

The multi-thematic program of this symposium edition of ISNCC will fo
cus on the major future Issues in Networking,Computing and Communications.
Please download the [PDF Version] of the Call For Papers.
The symposium has Eight tracks. Topics of interest include, but not limited to

Wireless and Mobile Communications & Networking

Wireless Ad hoc, Mesh and Sensor Networks;

Vehicular Networks;

Delay Tolerant Networks;

Body Area Networks;

Cloud Networking;

Cellular Systems;

Peer to Peer Networking;

Reconfigurable Wireless Networks;

Resource  and Mobility Management;

Cross-Layer Design and Optimization;

Performance Analysis and QoS Provisioning;

Network Planning and Capacity Analysis;

Monitoring and Network Management Algorithms;

Network Reliability, Privacy & Security;

Software Defined Networking;

Adaptive Antennas and Beamforming;

Multi-Antenna and MIMO Systems;

Transmitter and Receiver Techniques;

Convergence of Wireless Systems;

Cognitive Radio and Dynamic Spectrum Access;

Modulation, Coding, and Diversity Techniques;

Channel Estimation, Modeling and Equalization;

QoS and Scheduling;

Wireless Communications Testbed Development;

Signal Processing Interfaces in Cognitive Radio;

Blind Signal Processing for Communications;

Spectrum Shaping and Filters;

VLSI and RF Circuits for Wireless Communications;

Cloud, Grid and Social Computing & Networking

Cloud and Cluster Computing;

Hybrid Information Technology;

Intelligent and Pervasive Applications;

Bioinformatics and Bio-Inspired Computing;

Knowledge System and Intelligent Agent;

Human-centric Computing and Social Networks;

Engineering Applications of IT;

Emerging Wireless/Mobile Applications;

Application Services Oriented Networks;

Context and Location-Aware Next Generation Services;

Service discovery and integration;

Adaptive Services management;

Policies and strategies for deployment;

Supervision and control;

SIP Based convergent services;

Content Distribution;

Internet computing;

NGOSS and tools;

Supervision and Control;

Interoperability, Mobile Data Management;

Cloud, P2P, Cluster and Grid Computing: Security and Role of Trust;

Trust Management;

Trust Calculation in Cloud Computing:

Security in Virtualization of Cloud Services;

Social Networks & Web 1.0 - 6.0 Trust Management;

Virtualization Impact for Green Computing;

Architecture for Smart Grids;

Grid and Cloud Computing;

Green Computing;

Nano Computing;

Social Sciences and Information Technology;

Smart Grids Technologies & Applications;

Cloud Control Systems;

Corporate Social Responsibility;

Social Privacy;

Social Networks Analysis in on-line Social Network Application;

Privacy preserved Social Networks;

Custom default privacy profiles in Social Network Applications;

 Internet of Everything, Data Analytics and Smart Cities

Smart city theory, modeling and simulation;
Intelligent infrastructure;
Sensors and actuators;
Smart economy development;
e-health and emergency management;
e-health applications and services;
Smart environment and policy development;
Citizen engagement and smart governance;
Connected Vehicle (CV) technologies;
Smart mobility and transportation;
Automated driving;
ITS for public transport;
Computer vision for ITS applications;
Urban Traffic simulation, modelling and Control;
Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities;
IoT Enabling Technologies;
IoT Application and Services;
Intelligent vehicle-to-infrastructure integration;
Smart grids;
Digital city and smart growth;
Smart home and smart buildings;
Smart city Implementation;
Advanced technology for Pedestrian and bicyclist safety;
Smart city for Special Needs;
Environmental monitoring tech. Knowledge acquisition from Big Data on the Web;
Reasoning over uncertain Web data;
Efficient models and solutions for querying and processing Big Data on the Web;
Algorithms and systems for Web-scale mining;
Web-based crowdsourcing and data analytics;
Big Data and Web of Things;
Clustering, classification, and summarization of Web data;
Web-based social sensing and data analytics;
Analytic Web services for Big Data;
Open Linked Data and the Semantic Web;
Web data integration;
Machine learning on deep Web data;
Data stream mining and spatio-temporal data analytics on Web of Things;
Business analytics & Big Data practice on the Web;
Web Services Discovery;

  Trust, Security and Privacy

Mobile and wireless security;

Mobile, Ad Hoc and Sensor Network Security;

Internet/Intranet Security;

Access control, Anonymity, Audit and audit reduction;

Authentication and authorization;

Applied cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Digital Signatures;

Biometric security;

Boundary control devices;

Data and system integrity, Database security;

Defensive information warfare;

Denial of service protection, Intrusion Detection, Anti-malware;

Distributed systems security;

Electronic commerce;

E-mail security, Spam, Phishing, E-mail fraud, Virus, worms, Trojan Protection;

Information hiding and watermarking & Information survivability;

Insider threat protection, Integrity;

Intellectual property protection;

Key management and key recovery;

Language-based security;

Monitoring and surveillance;

Multimedia security ,Operating system security, Peer-to-peer security;

Performance Evaluations of Protocols & Security Application;

Privacy and data protection;

Product evaluation criteria and compliance;

Risk evaluation and security certification;

Risk/vulnerability assessment;

Security & Network Management;

Security and Assurance in Operational, Technological, commercial Area;

Security Engineering and Its Application;

Security Models & protocols;

Security threats like DDoS, MiM, Session Hijacking, Replay attack etc & countermeasures;

Trusted computing;

Ubiquitous Computing Security;

Virtualization security, VoIP security, Web security;

Security, privacy and trust for virtualization and SDN in 5G wireless networks;

Satellite Communications and Networking

Satellite and space communications and networking;
Nano-satellites communications;
Mega-constellations design;
Near-Earth satellite communications;
Antennas for Satellite Communications;
MIMO satellite communications;
Coding, modulation and synchronization schemes for satellite communications;
Channel models for satellite communications;
Next-generation channel coding for deep-space communications;
Radio resource management in satellite networks;
Cognitive satellite networks;
Integration of satellite and 5G networks;
QoS and performance for satellite networks;
On-board switching and processing technologies for next-generation satellite payloads;
Interference and Fade mitigation techniques over satellite channels;
M2M over satellite applications;
New standard in Navigation systems: Galileo, GPS, GBAS, SBAS ( WAS, EGNOS,...);
Signal detection and estimation for satellite communications;
Statistical and adaptive signal processing for satellite systems;
Delay Tolerant Networking for satellite networks;
Telemetry/telecommand space protocol evolutions;
Security, privacy, and trust in satellite networks;
Satellite communications for maritime applications (e.g.,VDE, AIS);
Satellite-based disaster recovery;
Satellite-based solutions for aeronautical applications;

 5G Evolution and Implementation 

System design for supporting multi-spectrum, multi-RAT (Radio Access Technology), and multi-operator;

Spectrum sharing between M2M (Machine to Machine) and LTE-A in 5G wireless networks;

Effective in-network caching design of pre-, in-, and post-processing resources in 5G wireless networks;

Content-centric networking architecture design and studies in 5G;

Design, implementation and deployment for 5G wireless networks;

Mobile traffic redundancy elimination and data offload in 5G wireless networks;

Green communications, cloud and software defined radio (SDR) technologies for radio access network in 5G;

Protocol design to enable traffic load balancing, traffic management, and management of virtualized network functions in 5G wireless networks;

QoS (Quality of Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience) improvement in 5G wireless networks;

SDN-based protocols and algorithm for cognitive, scalable and reliable cooperation and communication;

SDN-based new evolution of 3GPP standards for 5G wireless networks;

Spectral-efficiency and energy-efficiency in 5G wireless networks

Mobile social networking over 5G wireless networks;

Design of 5G wireless networks supporting smart transportation, energy and healthcare applications;

5G-relevant wireless network test-beds, simulators, open-source codes, and tools;

Smart Communications Systems

Novel communication architectures for advanced metering infrastructure;

Wireless networking techniques for supporting new smart grid features;

Communication-centric solutions for demand response, demand-side management, and energy management;

Big data management and grid analytics;

Integration of storage units and electric vehicles into a smart grid architecture;

Multiple access techniques and protocols for smart grid communications;

Smart Home Communications;

Power line communications (PLCs);

Visible Light Communications

Optic Fibres Communications

Cross-layer optimization and smart grid service integration;

Resilient communications in the smart grid;

Cyber-physical system modeling of smart energy systems;

Game-theoretic methods for smart grid management and optimization;

Hybrid PLC/wireless architectures and methods;

Modulation, coding, and signal processing for wireless and PLC communications in the grid;

Multi-hop routing and congestion control in PLC systems;

Control, operation, and optimization of distributed energy sources and microgrids;

Synergies between control and communications in power systems;

Renewable energy-powered wireless communication systems;

Machine-to-machine communications in the smart grid;

Co-existence and interoperability of smart grid communication technologies;

Smart grid-enabled cellular communications;

Economic approaches for improving smart grid communications and energy efficiency;

Optimal placement of smart grid communication infrastructure;

Measurements data and experimental testbed for smart grid communications;

Communication Devices and Channels Based on Exotic Materials (e.g. MetaSufaces, Metamaterials, Graphene, etc...);

NanoNetworks (Electromagnetically and Biologically-based)

Antenna Systems, Propagation and RF Design

Air-ground channel measurement and modeling;
Antenna design and characterization;
Antenna integration in cars;
Antenna measurement and characterization, including 3D effects, polarization and antenna efficiency;
Antenna and solar cell integration technologies;
Car-2-X channel measurements and models;
Channel estimation and prediction;
Channel modeling, simulation and verification;
Air-ground channel measurement and modeling;
Characterization of multiband channels;
Deployment concepts;
Digital RF;
Distributed antenna systems;
Energy-efficient antenna systems;
Exotic wireless channels (optical wireless, acoustic, underwater);
Interaction of in-car antennas with car-electronics; Interference in heterogeneous deployment scenarios (relays, small cells); Measurement-based performance evaluation;
Multi-antenna propagation channels;
Narrowband and wideband channel characterization and modeling;
Novel antenna concepts;
Over-the-air testing of mobile terminal antennas;
Propagation channel measurements;
Propagation prediction and simulation;
Reconfigurable antennas and arrays;
RF subsystems;
Ultra-wideband propagation;
Wideband/cognitive RF systems.